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Sunward full composites light sport aircraft obtain the production certificate

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29 May 2013

Recently Hunan Sunward Tech Co., Ltd located in Zhuzhou was officially awarded the composite light sport aircraft production certificate.

This certificate is the first aircraft production certificate of this type aircraft issued to a China domestic brand aviation manufacturing enterprise by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), which indicates the beginning of China’s truly own civil light sport aircraft production base.

The first phase of Sunward aviation industrial base in Zhuzhou covers an area of 133 333 m² with 20 000 m² completed factory plants, and 400 meters long 20 meters wide testing runway infrastructure. The first phase can satisfy an annual output of 30 to 50 sport aircrafts production demand for the short term. The second phase will start based on the development of the business.

Aurora light sport aircraft can be widely used in different applications such as flight training, personal entertainment, aerial photography, emergency rescue, forest patrol, and geographical survey because of its portability, security, and easy to operate. The price is around 1 million Yuan (190 000 US$).

Aurora is a two-seats light sport aircraft, with a wingspan of about 8.6 meters, made of carbon fiber, glass fiber, epoxy resin, composite sandwich materials. The empty weighs is about 350 kilograms with very good strength. Aurora take-off weight is about 600 kg that can accommodate two adults and a certain amount of baggage.

Aurora uses No. 97 gasoline with fuel tank capacity of 120 liters. The oil consumption is 7.5 liters per 100 kilometers. The maximum speed is 275 kilometers per hour with a maximum range of 1200 kilometers.

It is expected that the first aircraft will be taking off in Zhuzhou production base beginning of June.

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