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Super smooth wakeboard

News International-French

16 Apr 2011

Wakeboarding is a fast-growing water sport where the boarder rides on a buoyant board (resembling a surfboard) running over the water while being pulled behind a motorboat. The boards have to be lightweight yet incredibly tough and resistant to long periods in saltwater.

(Published on September 2008 – JEC Magazine #43)


Freesport Corp, based in Taiwan, specialises in the manufacture of wakeboards and is now using Huntsman Advanced Materials’ XB 3585 / XB 3413 composite laminating system to manufacture their latest boards, which combine strength with flexibility giving a really smooth ride over the water.


Laminating system

Wakeboards feature a strong, pliable lightweight PU foam core, a cap, and are compression moulded during production. “We needed a composite laminating system for our wakeboard production that has good fluidity and permeability,” said Swing Huang, Product Manager, of Freesport.


“With Huntsman’s XB 3585 / XB 3413 system, these characteristics mean we can apply the resin evenly when we laminate the wakeboards which not only improves finished product quality and performance but shortens manufacturing production time as well.”


Huntsman’s XB 3585 resin / XB 3413 hardener is a warm curing epoxy laminating system. In addition to the pressure moulding production method used by Freesport, this system is also suitable for wet layup; filament winding and resin transfer moulding.


Bespoke reactivity

The reactivity of the system can be adjusted according to manufacturing requirements simply by varying the combination of hardeners used with the resin. Gel time at 60°C can then vary from a few minutes to a few hours. The longest possible pot life will facilitate the production of very large composite parts.