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Superior thermal treatment of carbon fibre composite materials

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11 Mar 2014

Precise process parameters and reliability are of great importance for the production of high-quality CFRP aviation structures especially for bigger parts. Also for this challenging application, Voetsch Industrietechnik offers a range of serial ovens customized versions with inner dimensions exceeding 500cm x 500cm x 850cm.

For thermal treatment of aviation structures made from carbon fibre composite materials, a perfect spatial and temporal temperature deviation is required. The Voetsch Industrietechnik ovens for the aerospace industry allow only ±2K difference at rated temperature an therefore can be listed in class 1 according to AMS 2750 E. The temperature range is up to 450°C allowing even curing processes for thermoplastics like PEEK.

Recently two oven versions have been installed at the DLR in Augsburg for research and development purposes of large scale and high quality avionic parts. Representing the latest technology the ovens can be used by the industry simulating production processes.

Considerable customer advantages by innovative product solutions
The modular system approach allows for individual but cost effective sizing of the oven chamber. The chamber can either be built in house Voetsch Industrietechnik allowing for a FAT or directly build at the customer site preferring an SAT only. Project management, transport, set-up and installation is performed by our experts in order handling and logistics.

Multiple control zones result in a superior temperature parameters such as heating up rate and deviation of the customers sample and material. A cascade regulation as well as a redundant control systems (e.g. sensor break) supports the accurate control function of the unit increasing the product quality and preventing overheat. A sensor break does not result in a part damage – reliable heat technology.

Thanks to a high-grade insulation, construction and logistics the burden to the customers facility during start-up is minimized. The oven performs from the very first start-up and does not need any running-in period. The space saving design (e.g. switch box and exhaust air connections on top) suits the limited space in nearly every production facility.

Upon request, the modern monitoring system in combination with the self-developed S!MPATI* software allows up to 99 units to be networked and controlled via one PC at the same time. The system is intranet- and internet-compatible. A standardized 8” touch panel display allows easy and intuitive control and start/stopp of the system.

Photo: Curing ovens for large composite parts VTU 300 and VTU 500

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