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Superlight carbon fiber plastomers

News International-French

6 Jun 2014

Xenia Materials has summarised the two most researched plastic materials into a unique compound focused on opening the doors to new industrial areas where the application of polimers is essential.

The aim was to broaden the application field of Borealis plastomero now used in a large number of areas due to its superb mechanical capacities and its outstanding resistance to low temperatures (-75°C). The key essential capacities are: remarkable flexibility, food certification, excellent resistance to chemicals, lightness due to its low specific weight and remarkable processing capacity.

All these special features make this material extremely versatile and easy to use in various industries such as food (packaging, corks, containers) wire and cable, automotive (soundproofing), compound, geomembrane, artificial grass, adhesives, pipes and tubes, thermal and acoustic insulation, etc.

The know-how acquired by Xenia Materials in the engineering of polimers with the added support of Borealis technicians has allowed the company (located in Vicenza) to “dignify” Queo by combining its lightness to the resistance and rigidity of carbon and the elasticity of aramid. The unification of plastomero to these materials with the right dosage has given  birth to a high performance and declinable composite depending on the mechanical capacites required.

The market is in constant search of highly elevated performance materials (resistant to traction, impact, bending and low temperatures) always keeping in mind the economical importance: Xenia Materials can offer a plastmero that can face these needs with expertise in addition to maintaining its excellent processing features.

About Xenia:
Xenia Materials is an Italian company, specialized in engineering and production of innovative polymer-based materials used for the most advanced and challenging industries. The company, located in Vicenza, incorporates an engineering team, which helps customers to develop high-tech components with a research and development department dedicated to product innovation.