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Sustainable luggage by Project Kin

News International-French

11 Aug 2020

Project Kin proposes a range of sustainable travel products made from natural materials. The luggage is made of Fibriplast flax/PLA from Ecotechnilin, a blending never before used in luggage, both biodegradable and bio-based.

Sustainable luggage by Project Kin
The Danish brand wants to create better alternatives for the mindful traveler by putting action into practice and challenge the travel industry and consumers to become more conscious.

Rasmus Vang Andersen, Project Kin CEO and co-founder:

“We create travel products with purpose by using our philosophy of Nordic design to address the urgent need to reduce the environmental impact of traveling”.

Key benefits

  • 100% renewable and biodegradable resources
  • Made of FLAX + bioplastic with PLA (corn starch)
  • Using only 1.6 kg of raw material to make 1 kg of finished material. With this combination , up to 2kg of plastic compared to a traditional suitcase.
  • Water resistant