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Swift makes lightweight canoes

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8 Jan 2015

Canadian canoe manufacturer Swift Canes & Kayaks released a version of their Keewaydin 16 model, featuring TeXtreme Spread Tow carbon fabrics, in 2014.

At Toronto Boat Show on January 10th – 18th 2015 they are introducing their popular Prospector 16 model built with a TeXtremehybrid fabric made of co-mingled carbon fiber and Innegratapes.

“Advancements in carbon fiber technology are changing the way we design products. It has changed the approach of the automotive, sailing, hockey, cycling, and aerospace worlds, to name a few, and its effect on the paddle sports industry is growing exponentially. Using TeXtreme creates an ultra-lightweight canoe that's got an unmatched strength to weight ratio. Using our signature resin infusion process, the TeXtreme cloth generates a unique pattern on the hull that's coupled with increased abrasion resistance compared to our standard carbon cloth. If you want a canoe that's as strong as it is light, there's nothing out there like TeXtreme.” says Bill Swift, President of Swift Canoe & Kayak.
TeXtreme Spread Tow carbon fiber reinforcements are used in applications and products requiring weight savings, improved strength and stiffness. In general customers using TeXtreme achieves weight savings of about 20-30% on the finished composite parts, compared to when using conventional carbon fiber reinforcements.
The Swift canoe is one of many applications that are using TeXtreme Spread Tow carbon reinforcements. Other applications reinforced by TeXtreme are: bicycles, America’s Cup boats, Formula 1/NASCAR cars/Le Mans cars, ice hockey sticks, golf shafts, advanced aerospace parts, table tennis blades, floorball sticks etc.
About Swift Canoe & Kayak:
Swift Canoe and Kayak is Canada's leading manufacturer of fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon-Kevlar, carbon, Royalex, Royalite canoes and kayaks. Started in 1989 with the mission to build the finest recreational and wilderness tripping canoes possible, in 1995 the company also started to produce kayaks. Every Swift design is created by professional designers using modern design technology tempered with practical experience. These designs have redefined the standards of performance and beauty in canoes and kayaks.
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