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SWORL and Nexeo Solutions Venture

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7 Sep 2012

SWORL and Nexeo Solutions have teamed up to provide manufacturers a complete source for implementing reusable vacuum bags into the composite parts process.

SWORL will provide the support necessary to implement the most premier vacuum bag technology available in the world, while Nexeo Solutions will provide technical information regarding the products and services needed to produce innovative laminates.

Manufacturers in a variety of markets, including transportation, marine, aerospace, and general industrial around the world, utilize SWORL's spray fabricated reusable vacuum bagging system (without the need for fabric reinforcement) in CCBM and converting Light RTM to Caul Plate technology.

Low cost SWORL rental application equipment is a great way to get started without incurring a capital expense. Contact either your Nexeo representative or Prairie Tech Group directly to get started.



SWORL* reusable spray fabricated vacuum bagging systems are products of Prairie Technology Group's on-going effort to meet customer requirements to achieve green processes and reduce costs. SWORL reusable vacuum bags are suitable for infusion and autoclave applications.


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