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Table tennis racket made with carbon fiber

News International-French

2 Jan 2014

The Stilo7 SVR racket is like no other table tennis racket in the world.

Constructed with a wood base and covered with layers of carbon fiber this is possibly the lightest, fastest and coolest racket available.

Packaged in a custom, felt-lined and piano-finish box with a metallic Killerspin emblem, the Stilo7 SVR racket looks just as sleek in the box as it does in-hand during play. This racket makes a perfect gift for the table tennis aficionado as well as for the corner office. There is not a better looking racket in the world.

The Stilo7 SVR RTG (Ready To Go) comes with high performance rubbers attached to the carbon fiber blade (black-on-black color) for the highest possible performance and speed.

The Stilo7 SVR is available in two handle styles, flared and anatomic.

The Stilo7 SVR is offered in a limited-edition quantity of 500 units.