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TACHI-S launched ConceptX-1 lightweight seats

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28 Jan 2014

The ConceptX-1 lightweight seat weights only 8 kilograms, 50% lighter compared with the traditional steel seats.

Recently the Japanese company, TACHI-S has displayed a future car seat "Concept X1". To design this model of car seat is aiming to achieve environmental protection and automotive interior lightweight.

Concept X1 seat design provided excellent ergonomic comfort. The seat has adapted the TTK structure with the advantages of safety, light weight, and small volume. The TTK architecture has good compatibility. It was believed that the structure can be carried on any structure of the automobiles in mass production and don’t need to change the existing structure.

The TTK structure is consisted of carbon fiber reinforced composite material. This material is the reason for the seat to have a 50% weight reduction in comparison with the traditional steel seats.

The seat surface has adapted SoftShell decorative fabrics and 3D mold material with new excellent softness. It is even lighter than the traditional outer decorative fabrics. The drivers and passengers will be benefited from the soft and comfortable characteristics.

About TACHI-S:
The company is headquartered in Akishima-shi, Tokyo. It was found in April 7, 1954 in Japan.

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