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TAI and CTC Stade partner for production of Airbus A350XWB-900 ailerons

News International-French

2 Dec 2016

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) and Composite Technology Centre GmbH, Stade (CTC Stade) officially signed a long term cooperation agreement regarding Airbus A350XWB-900 ailerons’ resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) rib industrialization project to implement the state of the art composite technologies.

The objectives of the project are the development and manufacturing of high quality, cost efficient and light weight aircraft aileron rib structures via out of autoclave process techniques with a high level of automation to support the ramp-up period. TAI is the risk sharing partner and sole supplier for Airbus A350XWB-900 large passenger aircraft ailerons. The competences and key capabilities of CTC lie within the field of industrial composite manufacturing. Moreover, CTC is experienced in developments along the technology readiness levels for aircraft processes and structures and actively supports the Airbus technology programmes for R&T. These key capabilities contribute ideally to the development of the composite aileron rib structures, which are ready for MSN 111 final assembly in 2017 in Toulouse France.

Under the current circumstances the composite aileron components are manufactured by hand lay-up and autoclave processes. The transition from autoclave to out of autoclave process accounts for 3 process steps: preforming, injection and curing. All activities have already been completed successfully by carrying out feasibility trials and manufacturing of full scale demonstrators at both TAI and CTC premises. Within the scope of the project, TAI has developed an in-house injection machine to support serial production. The curing cycle takes place in a closed mould system and the temperature of the tool is monitored and regulated by embedded sensors during the whole process cycle.

A direct benefit of the project will also result from the cooperation of TAI with an EU-company and further strengthen the bond between companies for future aircraft development projects. For communication and cooperation, TAI holds a liaison office in Stade, Germany.