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Taishan scientific research station has been built in Antarctic

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22 Apr 2014

The lowest temperature in Antarctic is -147.2℉ and the maximum wind speed is 60 m / sec. Recently, Taishan scientific research station has been built on the world coldest Antarctic.

According to the reports, the windows and doors made by the Zaozhuang City enterprise in Shandong have been installed in that the station, which marked a breakthrough symbol of the development of new composite materials industry in this city.

Taishan scientific research station is the China fourth station in Antarctica. As the continent with highest elevation, lowest temperature, and largest wind speed on earth, Antarctica has harsh natural environment that requires strict special reliability and safety for building materials.

Taishan scientific research station main construction company, Baosteel Group learned that Shandong Tianchang Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. (Tianchang) in the city of Zaozhuang has the production of glass fiber composite materials with characteristics of significant energy-saving effect and ageing resistance so they took the initiative to contact the Tianchang for cooperation.

According to the special requirements of the construction site in Antarctic, Tianchang has designed the windows and doors for Taishan scientific research station. The wind pressure of those windows and doors has reached standard grade 7, air tightness has reached standard grade 5, water tightness and insulation performance reached standard grade 4, and the insulation K value reached below. Those indicators have reached the world advanced level, therefore Taichang windows and doors have been successfully selected and applied in the construction of China Antarctic scientific research station.

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