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Taiwan composites expert visited Harbin Tianshun Chemical

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13 Sep 2012

Taiwan Tsinghua University Professor, Taiwan Composite Materials Association President Ma Zhenji and his party visited the Heilongjiang Province Composite Materials Industrial Base in Harbin.

The base leading enterprise in Harbin Tianshun Chemical Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd Tianshun chemical high performance carbon fiber project has gotten high evaluations by the visitors.


It is understood, the high performance carbon fiber pilot production line has filled up the domestic blank. This project is an independent research and development by Tianshun chemical. Tianshun high performance carbon fiber project covers an area of 350000 square meters.


The project is expected to begin production within this year. After the project puts into production, it will have an annual output of 600 tons high performance carbon fiber precursor capacity.


The domestic carbon fiber production is less than a thousand tons, and the demand has exceeded 10000 tons, so most of the products still need to be imported.


The project technology is now complete test identification, in which the low temperature three elements forming technology, precursor oil agent development and applications have achieved China leading level.


This project has great significance to the development of national defense, yacht, skateboard, rackets and other sports equipments and other civilian industries.


Harbin high performance carbon fiber can achieve sales revenue $157 millions USD once all the projects completed and put into production. The profit and tax will exceed $47 million USD. And a $629 millions USD downstream industries will be brought up to the water from the construction of this project.


Ma Zhenji told the local companies that they will strengthen the exchanges and cooperation with Heilongjiang province composite materials industry base and will encourage Taiwan enterprises to come and discuss cooperations.


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