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Tayho built post doctoral scientific research workstation

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18 Nov 2013

Recently, Tayho New Materials application of the establishment of the national post doctoral scientific research workstation has been approved.

This has opened up an important channel for the company to introduce high-level innovative talents. It also will further enhance the company’s scientific research and development level and realize the science and technology innovation.

The Tayho establishment of postdoctoral scientific research workstation will take the high tech special fiber as the main research direction. They will further strengthen the exchange of information and cooperation with universities, scientific research institutes.

Through the introduction and absorption of postdoctoral scientific research personnel, Tayho will take advantage of the complete advanced technology superiority in the field of scientific research information, sensitive information, and the scientific research to combine Tayho’s many years of working experience in terms of spandex, aramid and other industries in the exploration and innovation.

The workstation will be focusing on high-tech fiber, raw materials and other upstream and downstream areas, increase scientific and technological strength, speed up the pace of research and development, so as to promote the development of high performance fiber.

It is understood that, Tayho is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in high performance fiber research and development and production. It has built up the national high performance aramid fiber mobilization center, has a national enterprise technology center, national aramid fiber engineering technology research center, Shandong Province Key Laboratory of aramid fiber industry leading R&D platform. The company has strong R&D strength, take the lead in realizing the spandex, aramid, aramid fiber in industrial production in China, the quality of the products has high competitiveness in the global benchmarking enterprises.

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