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Tayho launched second phase aramid project to meet growing demand

News International-French

5 Aug 2015

It has been recently reported that Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials Co., Ltd (Yantai TAYHO) has made new progress in their aramid paper products.

According to the report, the company subsidiary Yantai Metastar Special Paper Co., Ltd (Metastar) has started overall ground breaking construction for their second phase aramid project.

The Tayho Metastar second phase aramid project is a 1000 ton aramid paper production project with a designed production capacity of 1000 ton and is expected to completed and put into operation by the end of 2015 third quarter.

It is understood that this project is the accumulation and conclusion of TAYHO many years industrialization experience. The completion and production of this production line will ease the Metstar aramid paper production tension and the inadequate supply of the products.

Metstar aramid paper has a full name of Nomex fiber paper that is a high performance composite material made of aramid fiber. This product has the characteristics of natural fire retardant, insulation resistance, high strength, and erosion resistance. The products have been applied in electricity insulation, aviation and aerospace, and rail transportation, which is one of the non-replaceable strategic new materials.

Through 5 years marketing and business development, Metstar aramid paper has been accepted and recongnized by over 200 global customers. At present, Yantai Metstar has become the largest aramid paper products suppliers in term of domestic sales volume in China.

Expert points out that this aramid paper expansion will further improve the supply capacity for Yantai Mestar to the downstream customers.

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