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Technology for non-destructive inspection of aero‐components

News International-French

7 Mar 2014

Tecnatom Group, including Tecnatom and its two French sisters, Metalscan and M2M, presents its state‐of‐the‐art technological capabilities, particularly in the field of inspection systems, non destructive testing and control engineering.

On the occasion of the JEC Europe event, Tecnatom is presenting its wide range of versatile and productive inspection equipment, including robotized systems that provide high level of automation and ease‐of‐use, of which the company has supplied over a dozen now.

At the 2012 JEC Europe edition, the company deservedly won an innovation prize in the field of application of NDT techniques for quality control of composite materials. This recognition is resulted from Tecnatom’s arduous effort to become a reference point in the application of laser ultrasonic technology. Actually, Tecnatom in collaboration with Airbus, developed in 2010 Lucie, a robotised system aimed at providing ultrasonic inspection of aerospace components in the development phase. In spring 2015, Tecnatom will take a step forward and will set up TecnaLus, the Europe’s first industrial  application of a laser ultrasonic inspection system and that will ensure completely automated inspection for small and complex geometry parts within the A400M, that to date can only be inspected manually.

PA UT portable Gekko presented by M2M is another example of work focused on state‐of‐the‐art technology as it is the first phased‐array system able to drive matrix arrays and real‐time custom Total Focusing Methods  (TFM). Thanks to Gekko, M2M is widening its market to all NDT operators in aerospace‐, metallurgy‐, oil and gas‐, power generation‐ and automotive industry.

Equally interesting is the extensive portfolio of inspection solutions presented by Metalscan, company that has been standing as an expert working with ultrasounds since 1984. The firm offers numerous ultrasonic immersion tanks systems such as the new 16 meter stainless steel inspection tank ‐adjustable in size depending on the customer specifications or the new immersion tank MTS/PA/4 for stiffeners inspection. Metalscan is also  showcasing its semi‐automated equipment to evaluate metal parts.