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Technylstar from Rhodia : the first ever thermoplastic hand pallet truck

News International-French

7 May 2012

TechnylStar® advanced polymers from Rhodia Engineering Plastics have enabled the designing and launching of a revolutionary thermoplastic hand pallet truck (HPT) called the I-ton.

Developed in close collaboration with the Italian company Lifter S.r.l. (a subsidiary of the Pramac Group) a leading, imaginative creator and manufacturer of innovative materials handling equipment, the new I-ton thermoplastic HPT has the toughness of steel yet it is elegant due to the greater design freedom and part surface aesthetics provided by metal-replacing TechnylStar® advanced polymers.


I-ton is a highly ergonomic, light, silent and manoeuvrable hand pallet truck almost entirely manufactured from polyamide thermoplastic materials and weighs half as much as a standard steel hand pallet truck and yet is capable of lifting 1000kg,” comments Federico Piersimoni, CEO of Lifter S.r.l. “This ambitious project was made possible thanks to our strong commitment in research and development of innovative technologies and the collaboration with Rhodia Engineering Plastics, whose know-how and high performance polymers’ formulation enabled us to substitute steel, the conventional material used in traditional fork lifting equipment.”


TechnylStar® offers processors and molders significant cost, time and energy saving advantages speeding up the manufacturing process of the revolutionary thermoplasticI-ton hand pallet truck. In addition, the end-of-life products are recyclable.


“Collaborating and supporting customers who choose to switch from steel to thermoplastic materials is fully in line with Solvay’s commitment to propose innovative and sustainable solutions,” said Raul Bellini Key Account Manager Italy for Rhodia Engineering Plastics. “Using Rhodia Engineering Plastics’ sophisticated, advanced predictive simulation tools and services allowed us to accurately and quickly optimize part design thereby radically and cost-effectively shortening time-to-market.”



Rhodia Engineering Plastics, a member of the Solvay group, creates new materials in response to its customers’ needs through a global network of customer support centres equipped with cost-effective predictive simulation services. TechnylStar®, the high-fluidity range from Rhodia Engineering Plastics based on PA6 and 6.6, exists in various reinforced versions, from the mid-reinforced TechnylStar® S and AF ranges to the highly reinforced TechnylStar® SX and AFX ranges. Combining outstanding mechanical performance and incomparable processability makes TechnylStar® SX and AFX the ideal choice for lightweight metal substitution.


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