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Tecnatom supplies automated inspection system to Korean Aerospace's Industries

News International-French

5 May 2014

Korean Aerospace's Industries (KAI) finalised the acceptance of the automatic twin robots system for ultrasound inspections. 

The system mentioned above is highly flexible, skilful at the transmission of pulse-echo and making it possible for the inspection of surfaces, edges and radi of the composites. Additionally, to increase productivity, the technology provides a phased-array and two automatic modules modifiers that provide a rapid configuration for the system. Finally, the system offers easy adjustment for the inspection of new pieces of complex geometries through a lase specific module.

KAI is an aeronautical manufacturer of components and structures of composites material in South Korea. Its main clients consist of Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Lockheed Martin. KAI has already entrusted Tecnatom's technological capacity, demonstrated by the ordering of various inspection equipment.

On the other hand,Tecnatom will also complete its second supply of automated inspection systems to South Korea.Therefore, it continues strengthening its presence in this country. The initial system of this type was delivered previously to a research center of composite materials (Gyeongnam Technopark - GNTP).

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