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Teijin Aramid wins Pirelli Supplier Award 2014 for textile reinforcing material

News International-French

23 Apr 2014

The companies awarded by Pirelli are the suppliers who record performance and commitment to the business with Pirelli. Teijin Aramid is the first supplier to receive an award for textile reinforcing material. 

The award was proudly received by Erik Delnoij, Director of Marketing & Sales Teijin Aramid, out of the hands Pirelli Chairman and CEO mr. Marco Tronchetti Provera at the Pirelli Headquarters in Milan. 

Long lasting relationship
Pirelli evaluated approximately 12.000 suppliers on seven criteria: quality, innovation, speed, total cost, sustainability, global presence and service level. 

Ultra High Performance tires
Teijin Aramid’s high performance fiber Twaron is used in Ultra High Performance tires resulting in lower rolling resistance and better handling. Twaron is a good material for reducing tire weight while maximizing tire safety and longevity. The high-performance aramid fiber of Teijin Aramid, ensures that the tire remains in its most ideal shape, even at extreme high speeds. It’s one of the leading aramid fibers that is five times stronger than steel at equivalent weight, resistant to heat and wear and provides innovative and sustainable usages for different industrial sectors.

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