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Teknodrom - Robotic solutions for innovative composite applications

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4 Feb 2013

Teknodrom is structured to develop and provide various standard robotic products and solutions that meet the customer demands 100% for functionality, quality, productivity and on-time delivery. To this end, Teknodrom applies all the available technology to successfully complete its projects. 

Founded as an engineering company focused on research and development, Teknodrom opened its headquarters in Istanbul in 2003. The company completed many projects through the years, from minor projects with special robotic solutions to major robotic production lines, gaining major references such as Renault, Ford, Honda, Fiat Tofas and many others. Teknodrom has won various awards since its creation, the latest one being the National Champion of the European Business Awards, and even possibly this year’s European Champion which has not yet been awarded.


At JEC Europe 2013, the company is exhibiting three main products: the T-Arm parallel kinematic machine, a robotic CNC unit and the TSCH fibre placement head.


CNC machining centres and modules

Teknodrom’s T-Arm series of CNC machining centres and modules is based on the parallel kinematics principle and represents the state of the art in the machine tool industry. Combining the accuracy and stiffness of a CNC machine with the flexibility and dynamics of an articulated robot arm, the T-Arm can perform machining applications in the automotive, aerospace, defence, and industrial sectors, as well as in many other industries. Due to its flexibility, the T-Arm can also be used in various applications such as carbon fibre placement and composite drilling & trimming, offering customers a full package for different processes that can be adapted to various projects.


The T-Arm has exceptional technical properties, maintaining 5-micron accuracy and 2-micron repeatability, while providing 3G acceleration on the smallest model. These specifications ensure high-quality machining in various materials including steel and titanium, and at higher speeds than conventional CNC machines. Due to its motion flexibility, the T-Arm can also work like a robot to complete various tasks. For example, it can machine a mould for a composite product, then perform the carbon fibre placement using a fibre placement head, and continue its work by drilling and trimming the composite structure. The T-Arm PKM machine can be placed on a slider or gantry and the workspace can be enlarged according to the project’s needs. The laser calibration system mounted on the T-Arm ensures its technical specifications are maintained.


Automated fibre placement head

The TSCH-12FP01 fibre placement head was recently developed by Teknodrom. Its compact, modular design makes it ultra-lightweight and very easy to assemble and disassemble. The fibre placement head is designed to offer a flexible structure for various projects. Due to its adjustable fibre tow and roll width, it can work with different tows. The flexible roll system maintains continuous pressure at the transition surface. Teknodrom also develops creel and feed units.


Robotic CNC

Teknodrom's robotic CNC system is a multipurpose production system that can handle cutting, forming and moulding tasks. The robot can also be used in prototype preparation to apply soft materials such as styrofoam or many other different materials such as wood, marble, aluminium, etc. by off-line programming. Segment data can be composed via reverse engineering using the laser scanning method and off-line programming then is possible using this data or existing data.


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