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Tempco Manufacturing Singapore: an appetite for innovation

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24 Feb 2011

Located in one of Singapore’s many business parks, Tempco Manufacturing exports 100% of its production. As the company has developed, its composite business line has taken precedence over the rest of production and now accounts for as much as 50% of sales.

Tempco Manufacturing has been in business since 1983. The company has over 12,000 square metres of manufacturing area dedicated to its mostly in-house manufacturing processes, and uses the latest machines and technology in its field.


Recognized expertise

Tempco Manufacturing is able to respond rapidly, thanks to its pool of a hundred or so injection/compression machines and other equipment. Its management makes sure that all material is recent, and the company’s oldest machine is only five years old. Given the current highly competitive situation, which has not spared the company’s traditional electricity/electronics market, Managing Director Matthew Goh willingly calls attention to this advantage.


The company’s strict quality/price policy has enabled it to hold on to its main base of original customers, including GE, Schneider and Hager. Their specifications are expressed in such precise terms (e.g. parts per million) that there is no room for approximation.


To stay on top, Tempco has chosen to rely on a small group of suppliers for specific formulations or for developing new processes, e.g. for long-fibrereinforced thermoplastics. Since it started out in 1983, Tempco has placed its confidence in the Arburg company’s injection/ compression machines.


Tempco also designs and makes its own molds.


Growing composite business

Tempco’s composite business line has grown considerably over the past ten years, and now accounts for as much as 50% of current sales. According to Matthew Goh, this share should increase over the next few years. Given this perspective, rather than acquire new processes, the company is seeking more to optimize the use of the processes it already has a command of, and to develop new products.


One-stop, hands-on manufacturing
Thermoplastic injection moulding CNC machining: Autolathe
Thermoset compression moulding Broaching
Thermoset injection moulding Powder metallurgy
Epoxy/TPE overmoulding Metal stamping
Insert moulding Coil winding
SMC moulding  
Tempco’s 150 employees work in shifts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Company sales amount to around US$35 million. All of its production is exported to
Europe, the United States and Asia, including China.


Tempco is currently involved in the injection and compression moulding of BMC. The company operates a total of 100 machines, including 35 for injection moulding and 14 for compression moulding. Tempco has also successfully developed the use of SMC in the wind and tidal turbine industries. Together with other proprietary composite materials and our in-house processes, these could drastically reduce product costs for greater competitiveness in the world market. We have completed the development and manufacture of an 8-metre tidal turbine blade that will be tested in the sea bed sometime during the summer of 2010. Our vertical wind turbine is currently undergoing extensive testing. The design and manufacturing processes are proprietary to Tempco. This material has the main advantages of being very economical to produce, lightweight yet stronger than carbon fibre, and low cost yet producible in high volumes with short lead times. The necessary capital investment is very low except for tooling costs. Tempco believes that this breakthrough will enable the renewable energy sector to achieve a better return on investment (ROI). Tempco will initially concentrate on the tidal energy market as this industry is in most need for high-performance, cost-effective turbine blades. In this world of high technology, many products are manufactured using multiple manufacturing processes, rather than a single one. This makes it even more necessary to have in-depth knowledge, in order to optimize the processes. To survive in a competitive environment, we need to differentiate ourselves from the rest, so the above principles have served as our motto. When just anyone can do the job, we would respectfully decline, as many companies could do it and probably also provide good service at a reasonable price. What we do is take the hard-to-do jobs that no one wants to do or is capable of doing!


Besides its products for the electricity/electronics sector, Tempco now produces a broad range of parts for applications like hydrogen fuel cells, wind turbines, tidal turbines, composite pallets, 4x4 vehicle recovery plates, r d cards, customizable respiratory masks, blood shakers/weighing devices and chain oilers for motorbikes and bicycles.


Projects in the making


For a time, the company was able to develop thanks to captive markets and loyal customers, but now it wants to spur its growth by developing its own products. At the moment, the Tempco R&D team is working to develop SMC-moulded waterturbine blades that are 8 metres long. Mr. Goh is very enthusiastic about this project, which will eventually lead the company to produce 2,000 blades per year – enough to guarantee Tempco Manufacturing its continuing growth.