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TenCate Advanced Armour and European Special Forces reveal lightweight portable shield

News International-French

15 Feb 2013

TenCate Advanced Armour in collaboration with European Special Forces has developed a new generation of ultra lightweight portable anti-ballistic shields, designed to provide personnel with the best possible protection against many different types of ammunition. The new TenCate Targa-light™ CX shields outperform all other shields in the market and have no portable equivalent to date on NIJ level IV, the highest rating for body armour of the US National Institute of Justice.

Traditionally, portable ballistic shields offer NIJ level III or NIJ level III plus AK47 protection. Additional level IV plates can be added to protect locally against perforating projectiles, although this drastically increases the weight and makes a shield less portable. The weight aspect is often the key reason that portable shields cannot achieve the NIJ level IV in a fully mobile version. NIJ level IV shields do exist, although they are built on frames and trolleys to allow mobility for the user.

Lightweight portable NIJ level IV protection
The new TenCate Targa-light™ CX shields offer a full NIJ 0108.01 level IV protection thanks to its advanced composition, which also allows it to maintain its properties even after drastic dropping test procedures. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies, the TenCate Targa-light™ CX weights only 17.2 kg for a full level IV protection.
Steen Tanderup, managing director of TenCate Advanced Armour in Europe and Asia-Pacific states: ‘This extremely low weight protective solution is a key example of our sustainable business philosophy. It allows the user to stay mobile by carrying the shield with the specially designed personal carrying system, without the need to use a heavy-handed trolley or impractical wheels. Various advanced features have been added to our new shield, such as an ergonomic shape, the adjustable handle, shock protection, and the possible use of a periscope, a day & night camera, or night vision equipment’.

TenCate Advanced Armour is a global provider of customized, lightweight ballistic protection solutions for the complete range of requirements, from personal protection through all vehicle, helicopter and aircraft applications, as well as naval vessels up to and including principal warships.


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