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TenCate expand thermoset and thermoplastic capabilities

News International-French

10 Mar 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - TenCate Advanced Composites, a developer and manufacturer of advanced composite materials, will be discussing their expansion in both capability and product range during JEC Europe.

New products across thermoplastic and thermoset portfolios include:

  • TenCate Cetex® TC1320, a PEKK thermoplastic unitape for structural aircraft that is available in continuous or chopped fibre forms.
  • TenCate Cetex® TC912, a PA6 thermoplastic for a range of structural and semi-structural high-volume automotive applications, offering improved mechanical properties and tailored fabric architecture available in both woven and UD reinforcements.
  • TenCate E760, a high-temperature thermoset prepreg for Formula 1 and high-performance automotive applications, which joins TenCate’s existing range of Formula 1 and high-performance automotive thermoset prepregs including E745, E750 and TC420.

At the Morgan Hill (North America) plant, TenCate announces internal slitting capability for both thermoset and thermoplastic unitapes. The company’s precision slitting equipment features eighteen station traverse winders, with slit widths of 0.3175 to 0.095 cm. In Europe, the Langley Mill (UK) site is set to become a centre of excellence for thermoset chemistry systems, expanding the European capability to include thermoset composite materials for aerospace and space applications and capacity for fabric and UD-based products to serve existing industrial markets. 

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