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Tensile testing fibres in immersion

News International-French

18 Feb 2016

JEC World 2016 - Dia-Stron Limited now offers a new tensile testing configuration based on the LEX820, a high-resolution tensile tester for single fibres and filaments.

In this configuration, fibre samples can be measured in uniaxial tensile mode while immersed in a liquid. The immersion bath can be raised and lowered, enabling dry or wet tensile measurements.

This new development is especially critical for brittle fibre specimens such as carbon or ceramic filaments, which shatter into multiple fragments at break point during tensile tests. The immersion bath can be filled with a viscous liquid that dissipates the energy resulting from the fibre fracture.

The new design assists with recovering the fractured fibre specimens for further analysis such as SEM imaging to better understand the failure mode and the impact of fibre chemistry or manufacturing variables on fracture. The testing data, along with failure analysis, can help in revealing the nature of the fibre microstructure.

Finally, this new setup can also be applied to measure the viscoelastic properties of single fibres such as hysteresis, creep, or stress relaxation in a liquid medium.

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