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Terre de Lin flax semi-finished products for composites

News International-French

4 Mar 2016

JEC World 2016 - Terre de Lin/TDL Technique main activities are from flax cultivation to semi-finished products for composites uses.

The company's products line "biorenforts" is composed by 0° and 90° unidirectional fibers fabrics and also 45° bi-axial fibers fabrics, all with differents weight. This line is available in 100% flax for thermosetting uses and in fibers blend for thermocompressed applications.

The main advantages of flax fibers for composites applications are its density, specific rigidity, vibration absoption, thermic and acoustic insulation and its low environmental footprint.

Their annual production capacity is 150 000m²/year. The company supports specificly each project, adapting our products to customers requirements. Our main industrial success are salomon' skis, focal' speakers, egide's bike helmet, editions st luc's furniture.

Their products are also adaptable to automotive, aeronautical and constructions uses.

The company is also a member of Fimalin, AgroComposite, CELC, Pole IAR networks.

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Booth: Hall 6 / L67