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Tetra, the leading provider of cycloaliphatic epoxides

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1 Jul 2015

Sponsored news - Jiangsu Tetra New Material Technology Co., LTD (Tetra) specializes in producing cycloaliphatic epoxides in China.

Since its establishment in 2004, Tetra has grown into a high-tech company specialized in R&D, production, sales, marketing and technical service for specialty epoxides industry. Tetra’s best-known products such as TTA21, TTA26, TTA186 and TTA520 have been widely used in the composites field.

Tetra’s products have succeeded in electrical and electronic encapsulation and insulation industries. Why do you enter the new market of composites?
Cao Xianglai : Tetra’s cycloaliphatic epoxides products can be used in UV coatings & inks, adhesives, electrical and electronic encapsulation, insulation and other industries because of its special structure and manufacturing process which achieve excellent performance like weatherability, heat resistance and electrical isolation. Composites industry has been developing very fast in recent years and provides enormous business opportunities, so we keep eyes on the development of this field continuously.

We have dispatched our specialists to visit and assess composites exhibitions such as SAMPE and JEC. The information gathered from these shows brings the opportunity to break the market restraints for us. Especially in recent years, along with composites’ development and technology upgrades in China, Tetra’s products (TTA21 & TTA26) sales volume mix of this field has increased from 8% in 2013 to 17% in 2014. As the increasing demand for Composite cable core and CNG composite cylinders, we could expect more promising market of TTA’s products in the near future. Furthermore, we have developed two new heat-resistant epoxy resins-TTA186 and TTA520 to meet the market requirement. At present, we have made certain progress in promoting these two products in aerospace industry.

What is the position of your company today in the Chinese epoxy resin market?
Cao Xianglai: Tetra has been dedicated to the commercial production and technology research of high-performance epoxy resins since its establishment in 2004. The company has provided a large number of specialty epoxy resins both domestically and internationally for over a decade. For example, The sales volume of TTA21 has reached 1500MTS in 2014, of which domestic sales takes more than 30% of domestic market share. Currently, Tetra is the biggest cycloaliphatic epoxy resin producers in China. Tetra is setting up new production lines actively in order to expand capacity of TTA21 to 3000MTS and TTA26 to 800MTS by the end of 2015. Accomplishing this task will not only entrench Tetra’s leading position in cycloaliphatic epoxides further, but also help Tetra to compete internationally.

What is Tetra’s competitive edge?
Cao Xianglai: When we face fierce market competition, quality and price are two key factors for Tetra survival and development. Comparing with local competitors, Tetra is the only company in China who has a full set of production equipments to realize producing final products from initial raw materials. In addition, innovation capability of our professional engineers helps us to control product quality & cost further. Recently, we have launched strategic collaboration with multinational companies for new product development which avoids peer cut-throat competition. Exploring new market is also one of our focuses.

«Under the Dome», an investigative report about smog presented by Chai Jing had caused national hot discuss on environmental protection.Would government continuous attention impact chemical plants business such as Tetra?
Cao Xianglai: The environment problems disclosed from «Under the Dome» are astonishing. As a chemical industry enterprise, Tetra insists on safety and environment protection which are the basis of enterprise’s growth. Chemical industry may suffer great loss if ignoring safety and environment protection. When Tetra was set up, it had invested a lot on waste treatment facilities to ensure wastes treatment compliance with the environmental requirement standards. In order to further guarantee plant operation security, we invited famous safety experts as consultants to our plant.

What do you think about the future of specialty epoxides?
Cao Xianglai: Accompanied by the rapid development of composites technology, the demand for specialty epoxides will be larger and larger, which brings bright prospect for Tetra. We will insist on market-oriented, quality control and cost optimization. Through sustainable self improvement, we will grow into a leading global specialty epoxides manufacturer in the near future.

Photo: Cao Xianglai President, Jiangsu Tetra New Material, Technology Co., Ltd.