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Tg heating technology and mould process monitoring sensor

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29 Feb 2016

JEC World 2016 - Twenco CME (Composite Manufacturing Equipment), Netherlands, introduces a brand-new measuring technology

From now on, it is possible to measure the complete behaviour of changes during the production of a composite part. The system is also suitable for prepreg and carbon materials.

Where previously direct contact was needed between the sensor and the material, contactless measuring is now possible, with much higher resolution results than ever before. The sensor can be integrated in the mould structure without disturbing the electrical heating system.

For example, the whole resin infusion moulding process can be monitored:

  • Vacuum application (compression)
  • Start of the infusion process
  • Resin flow arrival at the sensor
  • Resin travel speed and permeability
  • Reduction of vacuum (decompression)
  • Curing process from liquid to solid
  • Final cure in relation to Tg

The sensor can be integrated under the surface of new mould shells. No direct contact with the product itself is necessary.

The sensor and the measured signal can also be integrated in the Twenco mould heating system. The modular heating system can be scaled from a single zone to an unlimited number of heating zones. It was especially developed for the composite industry, with high temperature safety and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection features.

Using this solution to know what happens during the curing process makes it possible to significantly reduce the production time, with a guaranteed Tg level.

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