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Thermal conductivity and specific heat tests – FOX50 series

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5 Nov 2012

JEC Amerias 2012- LaserComp offers a range of instruments for testing thermal conductivity (0.1 to 10 W/mK) and volumetric specific heat (~0.5 to 5 MJ/cub.mK): the FOX50 Series. The new FOX50 instrument is the 0 to 190°C FOX50VHS. The series is designed to test composite materials, ceramics, plastics, glasses, etc.

The instrument tests up to 63 mm diameter specimens from 0 to 25 mm thick. The actual metering area is 25 mm square. Instrument plates utilize solid-state heating/cooling and can operate between 0 and 190°C.

Using LaserComp's unique Two-Thickness procedure, the FOX50 is able to attain a much higher accuracy of thermal conductivity measurements due to the total exclusion of thermal contact resistance.

The instrument uses the heat flow meters’ signals versus time to derive the sample's volumetric specific heat. Thermal diffusivity and thermal effusivity (and also, using density of the sample, its mass specific heat) can be calculated, using the measured values of thermal conductivity and volumetric specific heat.

LaserComp uses the widest range of calibration materials of various thermal properties to ensure the most accurate results possible.



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