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A thermoplastic carbon fiber composite for seismic reinforcement

News International-French

25 Jan 2016

The Cabkoma Strand Rod for seismic reinforcement is a thermoplastic carbon fiber composite. It uses carbon fiber, which is an advanced material, as the interlining, while its outer layer is covered with synthetic fiber and inorganic fiber. It is finished by impregnation with thermoplastic resin.

Project for renovating the former head office building of Komatsu Seiren
A first seismic reinforcement structure using a carbon fiber material designed by Kengo Kuma, "fa-bo,” a fabric laboratory with a new building material proposed by a fiber company.

The former head office building of Komatsu Seiren was renovated with the seismic reinforcement that uses the Cobkoma Strand Rod, a thermoplastic carbon fiber composite, as the seismic reinforcing material. The use of textiles as building materials was also proposed -- including the “greenbiz” ultrafine porous spongy ceramic base, which is an eco-friendly building material. As a result, the building was recreated as the “fa-bo” fabric laboratory.

For the seismic reinforcement and renovation of the former head office building of Komatsu Seiren, a carbon fiber strand rod that was under development (hereafter, “CF rod”) was used, and a proposal was made in consideration of the possibility of a seismic reinforcing material with aesthetic quality.

Reinforcement with the CF rod is positioned as something that is over and above the requirement, and seismic reinforcement that satisfies the seismic performance required for conventional seismic reinforcement (Is = 0.60) has been done.

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