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Thermoplastic chopping for compression moulding

News International-French

29 Feb 2016

JEC World 2016 - Web Industries offers customized thermoplastic chopping services to fabricators that use compression moulding as part of their manufacturing process. 

The latest addition to the company’s comprehensive suite of contract composite formatting solutions, Web’s proprietary technology produces high-quality, high-precision chopped thermoplastics with lengths and widths specifically tailored to a part’s structural and production requirements. Available for a wide range of materials based on PEKK, PEEK, and PA-6 resins, these thermoplastic formatting services give fabricators a trusted, reliable AS/EN9100C-certified source for chopped thermoplastics in commercial-scale quantities.

As manufacturers are increasingly turning to compression moulding to reach per-part price and productivity goals, reducing cost and quality variability is key. By utilizing Web’s outsource thermoplastic formatting services, fabricators do not need to develop labour- and cost-intensive in-house formatting processes to support their core manufacturing operations. This eliminates the need for capital investment in specialized non-core equipment, employee training, and raw material support infrastructures, and allows fabricators to focus on meeting the needs of their growing markets.

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Booth: Hall 5A / L18