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Thermoplastic composites for various applications

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13 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - PMC-Baycomp is introducing new continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRT) uni-direction (UD) tape and sheet materials for various markets and applications.

The materials include:

1.         PC-ABS with Carbon and Glass fibers for applications in the 3C industry.  The materials are competitive with Mg, AL and thermoset composites and can be molded in rapid cycle times.  They can be over-molded with common thermoplastic resins for a high level of design detail in structural components.

2.         PA6 with Glass fiber tape is targeted for structural applications in the Automotive market.  These materials may be over-molded to produce complex hybrid structures.

3.         TPU with Carbon for recreation applications.  These materials impart good mechanical properties, high toughness and fatigue resistance as well as affinity to urethane adhesive systems.

4.         HDPE with Glass for Ballistic applications.  The material has 80% fiber content and can be co-molded with UHMWPE.


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