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Thermoplastic honeycomb cores based on PMMA, PVC and nylon

News International-French

1 Mar 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Econcore continues to develop innovative products and services and will present them during JEC Show

Continuing the exploration of ThermHex technology – the cost-effective lightweight panel production process whereby continuous honeycomb core production is directly followed by sandwich skins lamination – EconCore has developed honeycombs based on new materials: PMMA, PVC and nylon. These new honeycomb types extend the material scope of the technology.

Similarly to the 100% polycarbonate ThermHex panel set-up, the PMMA honeycombs will typically be laminated with transparent skins (PMMA) to produce rigid, light transmitting panels with high thermal insulation capability, e.g. for transparent roofing applications. PVC honeycombs, usually laminated with PVC skins, were developed primarily to match the needs of the building industry but could also be seen in some furniture applications. PVC ThermHex panels are stiffer and more isotropic compared to traditional multiwall PVC cladding panels while the weight of the PVC used for the honeycomb assembly itself is lower.

Toray, one of EconCore’s partners, developed the Nanoalloy® PA honeycomb structure using ThermHex process technology. This honeycomb structure shows a unique impact absorbing behaviour in addition to the lightweight sandwich potential, thanks to its very specific morphology controlled by Toray’s polymer alloy technologies. The scope of applications for this sandwich core includes impact-sensitive applications, particularly in automotive parts.

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