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Thermoplastic matrix for the traditional yachting sector

News International-French

25 Feb 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - The Pacific is a traditional wood boat that has been used for regattas in the French Arcachon basin since 1941. CANOE is a technology platform for composites and advanced materials based in the Aquitaine region (France) that promotes technology transfer and industrial developments in the composites sector.

The Pacific boat was turned into a challenging technological innovation using the platform’s formulation and processing knowledge.

Since the introduction of composites in the yachting sector, thermoset resins such as polyester or epoxy have been used for boat construction. Based on a strong partnership, CANOE and ARKEMA – a leading manufacturer of acrylic resins and nanostructured materials – are developing a new type of composite with an acrylic thermoplastic matrix. This technology can be used to produce large-scale parts using existing industrial tools, thus avoiding extra costs to adapt the manufacturer’s equipment. Good mechanical properties, reduced process cycle time (no thermal annealing), structural bonding capability (AEC Polymers), recyclability and good HSE performance are the main advantages of this thermoplastic resin.

CANOE and its partners produced the models, the tools and the thermoplastic matrix-based hull, making this project a major innovation in the yachting sector that gives a glimpse of novel technical and industrial outlooks in terms of productivity while offering environmental benefits.

Switching from wood to composite materials enables the transfer of new technologies to thermoplastic composite materials based on glass or carbon fibres but also vegetal fibres.

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