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Thermoset sheet molding compounds for structural and semi-structural applications

News International-French

23 Jun 2014

The Composites Group introduces PremierLT, a family of low-weight compounds.

PremierLT L701S, one of the initial PremierLT products, boasts a specific gravity of 1.2 along with excellent moldability. It is pigmentable and offers low shrink, making it ideal for a wide range of applications where performance and aesthetics are important. TCG's Quantum Composites business unit will manufacture PremierLT L701S.

The second initial offering in the PremierLT family, PremierLT L702S, offers superior strength and moldability with a specific gravity of 1.5. PremierLT L702S is manufactured by TCG's Premix compounding business unit. It delivers excellent flexural strength and toughness, and accepts automotive primers and powder in-mold coatings, making it ideally suited for demanding structural and semi-structural applications in the transportation industry.

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