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Thermwood announces new high performance model 77 series

News International-French

17 Jan 2013

Thermwood Corporation, a leading US manufacturer of CNC routers, announces the new high performance M77 series, 5 Axis CNC machining center.

The Thermwood model 77 series is a heavy duty five-axis CNC router specifically developed for three dimensional machining of non-ferrous metals, composites and other advanced materials.  These applications range from machining patterns & molds/plugs to trimming & machining production products for the aerospace, aviation, boating and military/defense industries.  

This stationary table, high-wall machine starts with a complete working envelope of 5’ x 10’ and can expand to larger sizes to fit your application.  The M77 was designed using advanced 3D software utilizing Finite Element Analysis and is inspected and calibrated utilizing a precision 3D volumetric laser system.  All major welds including the base and gantry are stress relieved to provide long term stability.

Standard configuration for the moving gantry M77 is a 12Hp spindle, 3 foot Z clearance, full working envelope, 10 position, automatic rotary tool changer and our patented impact resistant head.  Also standard is Thermwood’s QCore control which is a high performance, easy to use controller that includes a huge 1 terabyte hard disk for program storage and is enclosed in a dust protected, air conditioned cabinet.  Thermwood’s Virtual Service is included with this machine along with Free lifetime phone/email support.  Additional options include the base table for moving in/out large fixtures, liquid cooled spindle, continuous C Axis and more.  

Thermwood is a US company with dealers and distributors worldwide.  In addition to machine manufacturing and software development, Thermwood has a technical service organization that provides support, machine installation, training, retrofits, custom programming and production assistance.