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Thin-ply technology (Fukui method)

News International-French

3 Mar 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - The Industrial Technology Centre of Fukui prefecture (ITCF), Japan, succeeded in developing the first ultimately thin prepreg sheet (20 micrometres in thickness, fibre volume 60%).

This unique sheet was produced using a thin-ply technology developed at Fukui. Thin-ply laminates moulded with these prepreg sheets are very resistant to fracture. Furthermore, thin prepreg sheets can be manufactured from low-cost large-tow carbon (e.g. 24K, 50K, 60K) at high production speed (10m/min). Therefore, both high performance and low cost can be achieved.

The companies in Fukui also use various other carbon composite technologies, collectively called "Fukui Technologies", such as: tow spreading technology (Fukui method), thin-prepreg sheets, thin-ply laminates, warp knitting technology, semi-prepreg sheets (for UD and multi-axial CFRTP), C/C composites, hybrid drill (an innovative drill that reduces burr), CFRTP prepreg sheets, colloid & surface science, spread-tow fabrics (weaving technology) and tri-axial woven fabrics.

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