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The third generation composite material rotor helicopter, a life of 3600 hours

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18 Dec 2012

AVIC China Helicopter R&D Institute announced that the Institute has completed key component fatigue assessment including the composite material blade of the third generation helicopter advanced rotor system.

The fatigue damage to Helicopter structure, especially the rotor system structure will cause very serious consequence. Especially there is no omen before its sudden breaks when the structure reaches the fatigue life. This would cause catastrophic accident. The before hand helicopter structure fatigue evaluation is the only way to solve the problem.


This fatigue assessment completion marked that China has made major breakthrough in helicopter rotor system fatigue life design ability. This will accelerate China helicopter rotor system research and development.


Compare with second generation, the third generation helicopter has a prominent characteristic, hat is the rotor system generally adopts spherical flexible composite rotor wing. The composite structure is simpler, more convenient for operation and maintenance, and with lower cost, but it brings more stringent requirements for fatigue assessment. The evaluation of the third generation helicopter rotor composite material gives a service life of up to 3600 hours.


AVIC China Helicopter R&D Institute through the improvement of fatigue design and test specifications, constantly strengthen the fatigue life active design, shorten the rotor system new product development cycle, and reduced development and maintenance costs.


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