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Thomson carbon fiber bike parts manufacturing move back to the USA

News International-French

19 Sep 2012

L.H. Thomson expands to create its own brand of patented bike components using aerospace quality, design, principles, and manufacturing.

While in college, Ronnie’s daughter, Amy, began cycling for her University’s team and was unhappy with the current biking designs on the market. After a trip down to Macon with several of her cycling teammates, she began encouraging Ronnie to expand manufacturing into the biking industry.


Several early biking patents are created and L.H. Thomson quickly expands their presence in the biking industry. Their bike products set the standard of excellence and are currently available in 30 countries, with 60% of business in exports. Thomson carbon fiber mountain handlebar is expected to be available in the United States market by the end of September 2012.


Thomson has made carbon fiber and titanium alloy XC/AM handlebar. The carbon fiber handlebar has a height of 10mm or 12mm and a width of 730mm. The aluminum alloy downhill handlebar is 780mm in width and 12mm in height.


It is expected that Thomson will move its carbon fiber products manufacturing back to the United States of America by 2015.