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Three-dimensional measurement of fiber orientation – AVS 3D

News International-French

6 Mar 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - Apodius Vision Systems are a choice for composite series production, when dry fiber perform structures for Resin Transfer Moulding are involved. The automotive industry so far uses them predominantly for machine setup and statistic process control.

At this year’s JEC Composites Show in Paris Apodius will present their new AVS 3D, that brings the common AVS to a third dimension. It comes equipped with a global reference system like a robot to digitize complete fiber structures.

The robot based solution already allows our lead-customers to automatically scan their parts. The main features that are demanded are the three-dimensional geometry and the local fiber orientation. The results are directly fed back into their simulation and their products’ lightweight design to save carbon fiber material wherever possible.

The knowledge derived from the measurements is a crucial part for cost reduction in both fields, product design and production. Especially for product design there is no consistent lightweight design with available simulations that are relatively new and their validation has been insufficient in the past. In production of textile fiber structures there are still many manually conducted steps to be found with no quality traceability.

“Our customers have already been experiencing today, that knowledge from measurements adds further value to their high value parts. In addition to the reduction in their cycle times, especially a reproducible component quality is achieved and thus the scrap and rework rates are minimized. With AVS and now AVS 3D reaching stable processes becomes possible – the previously required over-dimensioning of components can be reduced. Last but not least lead raw material and time savings to an immediately more efficient production.”

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