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Tiangong-1 battery panel glass fiber woven technology won the first prize

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7 Dec 2012

During Hong Kong Sangma Foundation annual award ceremony in Xi'an, Tiangong-1 battery panel glass fiber woven technology receives the first prize.

There are 5 first prize projects this year. The "Tiangong-1 semi rigid panel glass fiber woven grid material development" by Professor Chen Nanliang attracted most attention. Professor Chen is the Vice President of Shanghai Donghua University Modern Textile Institute.


Chen Nanliang made a speech at the ceremony. He said that Tiangong-1 needs to be applied for a long time and can open and fold solar battery panel. The traditional rigid panel material and weaving technology does not meet the demand.


The research team spent a number of years overcame numerous technical problems, finally successfully developed the semi rigid panel with flexible glass fiber as the base material that meets the Tiangong-1 in space long time operation needs.


Tiangong-1 semi-rigid panel has four advantages:

  • It's antioxidant. Since Tiangong-1 must be in space for a long time, so the solar cell panel antioxidant property is very important;
  • It's light weight. Semi rigid glass fiber panel weight is 30% to 40 % lighter than the conventional panel that is very favorable for Tiangong-1 long time flight;
  • It's good long life performance, as long as there are more than 10 degrees of light intensity, the panels can absorb solar to generate power, the service life is hence greatly prolonged;
  • It's double side power generation, one side can absorb sunlight, the other side can absorb Earth reflected light, and both sides can generate power. Traditional solar panel only one side can generate power.


Professor Chen Nanliang also disclosed that with glass fibre semi-rigid solar panel, Tiangong-1 has worked well. Tiangong-1 has successfully achieved manual docking with Shenzhou IX (Chinese spaceship). The electric power provided by the panels is very stable, and can fully meet the needs of three years of operation.


The awards ceremony was jointly chaired by Chameilong, Wang Yusheng, the representatives of Hongkong Sangma Foundation.


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