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Tianjin Boeing composite material double its China purchases by 2015

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29 Jun 2012

According to Tianjin Boeing Composite Material Co., Ltd, to 2015, Boeing will double its procurement volume in China.

Boeing forecasts that in the next 20 years, the world aviation market will continue to maintain strong demand. The world will generate about 33500 new aircrafts demand, worth about US$4 trillion. Wherein, approximately 5000 new aircrafts demand will come from the Chinese market. The market value reached US$600 billion.


Boeing statistical data shows that at present, in the market share of global demand for new aircrafts, the North American and European markets account about 50%. Boeing predicts, to the year of 2030, the Asia-Pacific market will occupy half of the world market demand with about 9000 new aircraft requirements.


Back in the last century 70's, North American & European market share was 90%, Asia-Pacific demand for new aircraft only accounted for 2%. During the 1990s, the North American & European ratio dropped to 70% in less than 20 years.


By 2030, China Airlines passenger transport volume will increase 3 times, and the growth of cargo transport volume will increase 4 times. At present, Boeing has more than 40 suppliers in China. They have already realized more than US$ 2.5 billion of the contract amount.


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