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Tibet first wind power farm approved

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25 Jun 2012

Longyuan Nagqu High Altitude Test Wind Farm was formally approved by China National Energy Administration. This is the first wind power farm in Tibet. This wind farm is the world's highest test wind farm project above sea level.

The Longyuan high altitude test wind farm is located in northwest area of Nagqu Prefecture logistics cente. The planed power installation is 49.5 MW, and the project has now entered the construction preparation stage. This year plans to put 15 MW into production. The project will further ease the power shortage problem in northern Tibet.


Tibet is rich in wind resources, the development of new low carbon energy including solar energy, wind energy, has played an important role to optimize Tibet energy and sustainable economic development.


According to preliminary estimates, Tibet wind energy reserves amounted to 93 billion KWHs. It is equivalent to the conversion of standard coal 336.5 million tons / year, ranking the seventh nation wide. Except east Tibet, the whole Tibet is abundant and available in wind energy resources.


Due to the geographic and climate conditions, compared with other parts of the country, Tibet has big electric power problem. As of the end of 2011, nearly 20% Tibet population of approximately 500000 people still do not have electricity.


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