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Tibet large wind power to achieve breakthrough

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2 Aug 2012

Tibet Long Yuan Na Qu will construct a high altitude experimental wind farm. After this project completion, Tibet large-scale wind power will realize a breakthrough.

Long Yuan Na Qu high altitude test wind farm is located North Tibet Na Qu County logistics center northwest direction. It plans to install 49.5 MW of wind turbines. Presently, it has entered the construction preparation stage. And it has been planed to put into production of 15 megawatts this year. After the project completion, the North Tibet Na Qu will further ease the power shortage problem.


Wind energy is considered an important new energy to be treated as a green and low-carbon energy. It is also included in the Tibet green energy future development planning. In addition to Na Qu wind farm, Tibet is also actively planning the construction of 49.5 megawatts of wind farm in the Shan Nan area.


Tibet wind energy reserves ranks seventh in the nation. Except relatively deficiency of Wind in East Tibet, all other areas are rich of wind energy and can be developed.


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