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Tibgrid heating grid for composite parts & process

News International-French

27 Sep 2013

JEC Americas 2013 - Tibgrid concept, introduced at the JEC Europe in March 2013, is now expanding with new products.

-  Mold making process: users can develop their own heating mold by inserting Tibgrid under the last layer to get better production spedd, energy efficiency and no need for larger furnace.
- Functionnalization: for example, used for de-icing , repairs pads or seats heating

New products:

  • Tibgrid 2-ISO95 in 95mm width rolls: max heating power of 4000 watts/m², parallel circuits of 7,5 ohms/m , max temperature 250°C
  • Thermostretch: elastic version of Tibgrid for easy fitting of small radius shapes
  • Thermopads: new silicone coated flexible heating pads

Tibtech can also supply our Thermotech PTFE insulated flexible heating yarns as well as some sewing yarns.

More information: