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Ticona's thermoplastic composites for highest performance and light weight

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5 Oct 2012

Ticona presents materials with a remarkable innovation potential. One of the highlights are the endless fiber-reinforced tapes of Celstran® CFR-TP composites which belong to a very special class of materials.

By mating excellent processability with stability, light weight and a sound aging behavior, they generate very new potentials. Pipes made of these tapes, for example, are unique in that they improve the toughness and extend the life of oil and gas pipelines due to higher flexibility and corrosion resistance behavior. Automotive manufacturer Rinspeed banks on lightweight Celstran® composites also for the highly exposed underbody of its electric car model "BamBoo". The award winning pitch elevator and yaw rudder of the Gulfstream G650 business jet, series production of which started earlier this year, show that Fortron® PPS composites also possess great innovative power.


Energy transition and ecology are the drivers when it comes to developing new technologies and innovative materials. At Composites Europe 2012, Ticona, a globally leading producer of engineering thermoplastics, displays its competency in the field of thermoplastic composites by presenting long fiber reinforced Celstran® CFR-TP and Fortron® PPS as highly innovative base materials. They incite composites to the highest levels of performance and properties and expand their power of practical application.



Excellent processability, stability and light weight

Celstran® CFR-TP boasts an extensive portfolio comprising a very large variety of fiber-to-matrix combinations. A specially designed and proprietary method allows the fibers to be impregnated at very high quality. Celstran® CFR-TP composites particularly excel in their combination of outstanding processability, impregnation, stability, light weight, and long life; a mix of properties that establishes a wealth of new potentials.



As an example, numerous piping manufacturers are taking advantage of Ticona’s materials in the onshore and offshore Oil & Gas sector. Providing the ability to manufacture a lightweight but high strength piping system, Ticona CFR-TP composites facilitate the pipe systems withstanding very high burst pressures, operating in harsh physical and chemical environments, and extending the life cycle of said pipes. These newly developed high-performance composite pipes are a very interesting alternative to metal pipes indeed.


High performance and a low weight are key to new designs evolving in many industries today, mainly including aviation and aerospace, automotive engineering and industrial infrastructure. These segments are where Celstran® CFR-TP composites can make the most of their potential.



Fortron® PPS – high potential for lightweight construction

Ticona's Fortron® PPS is another interesting matrix material for lightweight construction. Thus, Fortron® PPS composite was chosen to make the pitch elevator and yaw rudder at the tail of business jet Gulfstream G650, which attracted enough attention to win the welded thermoplastic primary structural components the international "JEC Innovation Award 2010". A trend-setting solution that went into series production earlier this year.



Fortron® PPS provides composites with excellent properties and enables the reduction of component weights. Moreover, tapes can be combined with a very wide range of materials such as carbon or glass fibers or other ways of reinforcement. A carbon composite tape comprising Fortron® PPS, for example, will be even stronger and, as braided fabric, is the priority choice for lightweight constructions. Increased awareness of our environment and our resources promotes new technological drives which, in turn, generate a demand for much lighter cars and airplanes. Because energy savers count on every gram. Fortron® PPS still has a lot of potential to offer.



Fortron® PPS and Celstran® CFR-TP are prime opportunities for Ticona to show its competency in the field of thermoplastic composites by providing innovative materials whose properties entail excellence and score high on environmental compatibility and innovation potential.


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