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Tinghsin launched 5.9kg carbon fiber bicycle

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2 Mar 2012

Tinghsin group entered the bicycle industry with its Gusto brand

Tinghsin group entered the bicycle industry, registered its Gusto brand, launched four new bicycles, Wei Hongfan served as chairman of the board, to integrate the carbon fiber production technology and other resources of the group, with affordable price to attack the boutique bicycle market.


"The whole carbon road bike frame is only 780 grams [...] and it sells for $1000 to $1400 (USD)"


In 2007, Taiwan Tinghsin group founded Inhontech began carbon fiber manufacturing, independent research and development of the bicycle frame, and established a mold factory and assembly plant. The new bicycles Tinghsin launched few days ago are all made of carbon fiber materials for lightweight frame manufacturing. The whole carbon road bike frame is only 780 grams, the whole vehicle is only 5.9 kg, and one lady can lift the bicycle single-handedly. Wei Hongfan said, Gusto bike is designed in Holland R & D center, manufactured and assembled in Taiwan .

Wei Hongfan said, the main bicycle brand carbon fiber frame bicycle in the current market sell for $1000 to $1400 (USD); the lowest price of Gusto carbon fiber road bicycle is only $670 (USD).

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