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The Titanium Seat receives European aviation safety agency certification

News International-French

7 Apr 2014

The Titanium Seat received EASA ETSO approval certifying that the ultra light seat respects E.U. safety standards. After passing several tests and controls, the Titanium Seat is approved for flight on board European and international airline companies. 

Even though the Titanium Seat is light, it still ensures passenger safety. By receiving certification to fly in Europe, the seat has proven that safety requirements and robustness can be combined with sleek design and comfort. After several weeks, hundreds of tests in real-life flying conditions, and technical verifications of the seat’s resistance, the European Aviation Safety Agency has awarded ETSO C39c certification to Expliseat for its revolutionary seat, which will now be installed on board aircraft in Europe and around the world.

Expliseat has met the challenges of the industry with the innovative nature of its seat. With only 30 parts (as opposed to more than 300 on average for standard seats), the Titanium Seat is the first EASA certified seat under 5 kg. Moreover, the seat is the first aircraft seat for the A320 and B737 family made from composition materials.

About Expliseat:
Founded in March, 2011 by Benjamin Saada, Jean-Charles Samuelian and Vincent Tejedor, Expliseat combines innovation and manufacturing performance. At just 4 kg, this seat reduces fuel consumption, resulting in savings of up to $500,000 per plane per year. And with 10 patents, the Titanium Seat also provides passengers with comfort and more room, thanks to its unique ergonomic design.