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TMT wind blades certified

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4 May 2012

Zhuzhou TIMES NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd (TMT) wind turbine blade passed China Classification Society certification authorization.

Recently, TMT 1.5 MW TMT-42.8 wind turbine blade has passed China Classification Society certificate. And it has been put into mass production for an order of 400 sets.


The wind blade can effectively capture the wind power in low speed wind areas. This blade power generation is improved by 6% more than other blades. It has obvious advantages in the generating efficiency and has become mainstream product in China’s wind turbine markets.


The available low wind resource area approximately composes 68% of the national wind resource area. But the wind farm development is still in the blank.


Along with the national wind power industry policy adjustment, the "12th Five-Year Plan" goal of 1.1 billion KWs of wind power installed, there will be 20 million KWs share belongs to low speed wind power development.


China Classification Society (CCS) is formerly known as the National Ship Inspection Bureau. It is the international classification society member.  The quality certification company under CCS mainly engaged in Land Inspection and certification. Its business is focusing mainly on new energy products such as wind power equipments.



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