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Tool system for honeycomb machining

News International-French

12 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - The Corecut tooling system is designed for the various machining applications that arise in the 5-axis milling process of honeycomb materials.

A high degree of flexibility is achieved by using different combinations of front-end tools, shredders and shanks to create perfect solutions for the demanding requirements of honeycomb machining. The flexibility of the system makes it ideal for all kinds of honeycomb materials in use today.


For the typical application of Corecut tools in 5-axis machines, the spindle should be tilted in two directions in relation to the honeycomb part. Thereby, the machining forces point towards the machine table and best results can be achieved.


For small diameters, the tool system combines a shank shredder and a front-end tool, which is available in either solid carbide or HSSCo. For larger diameters, the tool system combines a front-end tool, a shredder and a shank. Various tooth geometries are available for the shredders. These geometries are designed to produce maximum cutting performance with the best surface finishes. Additionally, performance and tool life are increased through the application of an appropriate coating: a single PVD coating for wear protection, or a PVD multi-layer coating to prevent sticking as well.



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