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Tools for special composite applications

News International-French

28 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Due to their centre cutting end teeth, PROFILE CUT tools are specially designed for the profiling of complex honeycomb parts and structures where plunging operations are possible.

These tools are also available with ball nose to facilitate a smooth radius. With their combination of radial and axial teeth, PROFILE CUTs are optimized for application on 3-axis machines which only allow a tilted spindle head in one direction or not at all. They can also be used on 5-axis milling machines.

All PROFILE CUT tools are made of high-quality solid carbide. If necessary, they can optionally be coated with Neuhauser’s patented PVD multilayer coating.

The FOAM CUT tools are designed to machine solid foams and foam-potted honeycombs. With their ball nose geometry, these tools are designed for machining on 5-axis machines. These high-performance cutters have an aggressive tooth geometry with high rake angles and wide flutes to facilitate chip flow and to meet all feed requirements. The unequal tooth pitch prevents vibrations and enables an excellent surface finish.

All FOAM CUT tools are made of HSS cobalt powdered metal (PM). Additionally, performance and tool life are increased by using an appropriate coating: the patented multilayer PVD coating for wear protection, that also prevents sticking.

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