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Top of Mind of the Brazilian composites sector includes twenty categories

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1 Dec 2011

The second edition of the Top of Mind Award of the Brazilian composites sector will take place on December 08th, 2011, in São Paulo. Organized by the Brazilian Composite Materials Association (ABMACO), the award will include twenty categories, from raw materials, equipment and manufacturing processes – the most remembered distributor and the highlight of the composites industry in 2011 will also be awarded.

Destaque Business Research was responsible for the survey and counting of votes.


The event will also serve as the background for the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of ABMACO. "Without a doubt, it is a date that should be celebrated by all those who helped us get here,” says Gilmar Lima, president of the association. Currently, ABMACO has slightly over 300 members, comprising the entire production chain of composites.


Check out below the three finalists of each category (the winners will only be presented at the event):

 Mold release

Abcol – Redelease – VI Fiberglass

Akzonobel – Ecoper – Polinox

Basf – BYK – Polystell do Brasil

Cray Valley – Morquímica – Royal Polímeros

3M – LORD – Henkel

Abcol – Fibermaq – Transtécnica

Manufacturers of Molds
AJB Souza – Belga Matrizes – Desafio

Manual Procedures (Hand lay-up and Spray-up)

Fortlev – Marcopolo –  MVC

Continuous Lamination Process

Fibralit – Fibratel – MVC

Filament Winding Process
Ameron Polyplaster – Edra do Brasil – Petrofisa

Pultrusion Process

Cogumelo – Pultrusão do Brasil – Stratus

Infusion Process

Azimut – Barracuda – Tecsis

RTM Process

Marcopolo –  MVC –  Tecnofibras

Process of hot compression or injection with BMC 

BMC do Brasil – F.B. MIX – FPK Batz 

Process of hot compression with SMC

BMC do Brasil – Seeber Fastplas – Tecnofibras

Molding Compound
F.B. Mix – Menzolit – Tecnofibras

Distributors (there was a tie for third place) 

Abcol – Fiber Center – Redelease – VI Fiberglass 

Fiberglass (Reinforcements)

CPIC Brasil – Jushi – Owens Corning

Unsaturated Polyester Resin

Ashland – Reichhold – Royal Polímeros

Composites Industry
MVC –  Owens Corning – Royal Polímeros


Established in 1981, the Brazilian Composite Materials Association (ABMACO) represents the entire production chain of composites or fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP), a material that has over 40,000 applications cataloged worldwide, from water storage tanks to pipes and aircraft and rocket parts. Presided by Gilmar Lima, General Director of MVC Soluções em Plásticos, ABMACO has about 300 members and holds, together with Institute for Technological Research (IPT), the Composites Technologic Center (CETECOM), the largest of its segment in Latin America.


More information:


For more information about the Brazilian Composite Market, ABMACA released a book entitled “Brazilian Composites Market” available to order here.